Pilings in Texas and Louisiana

Pilings in Corpus Christi & Padre IslandPilings in Corpus Christi and Padre Island

We have been in business since 1993 and are THE trusted source for all types of pilings your projects in Corpus Christi and South Padre could need. We offer: treated wood pilings, vinyl sheet pilings, poly coated pilings, and Gun Barrel pilings in many different sizes and colors.

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Treated Wood Pilings

All of our wood pilings can be treated to your specifications, and our project consultants can help you decide which is the best treatment for your needs.

Treated ROUND and SQUARE wood pilings are both commonly used in Corpus Christi and in South Padre. The square pilings are used most often for beach houses while round pilings are better for piers, docs, and other structures built in water.

The most common treatments for pilings in the Corpus Christi and South Padre areas are:

  • Above Ground or Fresh Water - .60 pcf, CCA
  • Brackish or Saltwater - 2.5 pcf, CCA

Most house pilings in both of these areas are treated to .60 pcf with CCA. Get more information about wood pilings here.

For the best looking beach home on the block choose uniform diameter Gun Barrel pilings.

Vinyl Sheet Pilings in Corpus Christi & Padre Island

Vinyl sheet pilings are very commonly used in Corpus Christi and in Padre Island for retaining walls and for bulkheads. In fact, our supplies were used in many of those you see around both of these towns. We also supply wood bulkhead materials. More information about vinyl sheet pilings.

Poly Coated Pilings

Polymer coated pilings are known in the industry to be practically invincible to wood-boring insects, mollusks, and decay. They will stand the test of time, and will be around long after we are. For this reason, Poly Coated Pilings are used on docks and piers all around Corpus Christi and Padre Island. They can be purchased in any quantity in grey, green or brown. Other colors are available in large quantities or as supplies exist.

Get a quote online for your pilings in Corpus Christi or Padre Island.