Pilings in Texas and Louisiana

Pilings in Laredo

Pilings in Laredo TexasMany of the piers, docks, bulkheads, marinas, boat slips, and lake homes in Laredo were built with pilings direct from our inventory. With all of the international trade and transportation companies so close by, it’s easy to get our materials delivered to your job site daily.

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Since 1993 we have been THE trusted source for all types of pilings for projects in Laredo and surrounding areas. In fact, many of the foundation pilings, wood bridge pilings and timbers, pier and dock pilings, and bulkheads and retaining walls in the Laredo area came directly from us. We offer: treated wood pilings, poly coated pilings, and vinyl sheet pilings in almost any dimensions and lengths.

Vinyl Sheet Pilings in Laredo

Vinyl sheet pilings are commonly used for bulkheads and retaining walls throughout Laredo and surrounding areas. Get more information about vinyl sheet pilings.

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Poly Coated Pilings

Polymer coated pilings stand the test of time! Poly coated pilings are known to be essentially impenetrable to wood-boring insects, mollusks, and decay. Due to the strength and invincibility of these pilings, you’ve probably seen these polymer coated pilings on docks or piers all around Laredo. They are available in any quantity in grey, green, or brown. Other colors are available in large quantities.

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Treated Wood Pilings

Round and square wood pilings are both commonly used in and around Laredo. Square pilings tend to be used most commonly for beach and lake house pilings while round piles are used for piers, docks, and other structures in the water.

Your pilings will be treated to your specifications and our project consultants can help you choose the best treatment for your project.

The most common treatments for pilings in the Laredo area are:

  • Above Ground or Fresh Water - .60 pcf, CCA
  • Brackish or Saltwater - 2.5 pcf, CCA

Most house pilings in this area are treated to .60 pcf with CCA.

Get more information about wood pilings here.

Multiple Fast- Delivery Options

With a full fleet of trucks, we are equipped to handle almost any job-site situation in almost any location. We can deliver materials direct or have one of our supply-partners deliver to your site.

We have been delivering pilings from Hidalgo to Victoria since 1993 and know the areas well. Your pilings will be delivered to your project location on time by one of our friendly and professional drivers. Get a quote for your pilings online.

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