Pilings in Texas and Louisiana

No-Taper Gun Barrel Pilings

Natural Yet Refined

Structural PilingsWhen you need a truly natural look with the dimensional uniformity of a manufactured product, choose no-taper Gun Barrel pilings from American Pole and Timber. 

Previously known as Solid Uniform Diameter (SUD) pilings, Gun Barrel pilings are solid pilings with no-taper - natural yet refined.  They can be used in various applications to replace poles, pilings, or columns.

Sizes & Types of Wood

Gun Barrel pilings are available in Pine, Cedar, Douglas Fir, and others upon request.  They are available in lengths up to 46 feet and diameters up to 24 inches.

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Inside or Outside - Treated, Untreated, Kiln Dried

No-taper Gun Barrel pilings can be used inside or outside.  They can be treated to any level you specify or left untreated.  They can also be kiln dried before and/or after treatment to accept stains and paints upon installation

solid uniform diameter poles and pilingsBetter Than Square Pilings

In comparison of the pros and cons of round and square pilings Gun Barrel pilings beat square pilings in function and aesthetics.  Gun Barrel pilings are, essentially, refined pilings with no taper.

  • Round Pilings are Easier to Connect to Structure (no squaring required)
  • Round Pilings are Easier to Drive (less surface area than square)
  • Round Pilings = Less Exposed Heartwood
  • Round Pilings are Safer in Storm Surges

See more details about the comparison of round and square pilings.

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Pier in Belize made with Gun Barrel PilingsAny Treatments Available

Most pilings are treated with safe and effective CCA, which is approved for most piling applications.  Other treatments are readily available upon request.  The most common treatment levels are:

  • .40 pcf - ground contact
  • .60 pcf - freshwater applications
  • 2.5 pcf - saltwater applications

Other retention levels are available to meet specifications per engineers or government contract requirements.  We have worked on many projects along side architects, engineers, Corps of Engineers, and more. 

Finish Options

If no special finish is specified, your pilings will be delivered "unfinished". However, you have additional finishing options, including:

  • Hand Hewn -- the antique planed-by-hand look
  • Distressed
  • Sanded
  • Stained and/or Painted -- your choice of brand and color

no taper poles and pilings available hereOnly Available Here

We are the only producer of Gun Barrel pilings.  They were developed to provide the natural look of solid wood poles and pilings with the visual and dimensional uniformity of square timbers and pilings

By choosing Gun Barrel pilings, you will also save time on the job site.  Since they have no taper, they are easier to install and build onto, especially when used as beach house pilings or foundation columns.

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Gun Barrel Pilings in Oklahoma Zoo